In  work, Olga is committed to the execution of vocal works, filled with musical and dramatic content. It attracts both musical canvas, and the brightness of the emotions and the plot. In its repertoire, it remains true to the intellectual art, reflecting its beauty and spirituality of modern man.  Interpretations of popular music in her performance, always full of femininity and ease, so the repertoire includes a lot of lyrical songs and romances.  Primarily this includes ballads and songs of the Soviet cinema and classical Soviet music - the music of A. Petrov, M. Tariverdiyeva, A. Babajanyan, Pahmutowa, V. Lebedev, as well as songs from the repertoire of N. Bregvadze, A. Herman , M. Kristalinskaya, L. Senchinoj  et al.

Being an academic singer and devoted many years of Russian romance genre, Olga has a large repertoire of classical, old, urban, contemporary and author of a romance. From the Russian classics, such as Glinka, Rimsky-Korsakov, Rachmaninov to Prozorovskiy B., J. Hite and D. Pokrass. From Zubov, N. Shishkin, songs from the repertoire of Isabella St George, Anastasia Vyaltseva to the works of contemporary authors such as S. Smoljaninov, S. Slonimsky, and others.  Music room boldly framed copyrights chamber vocal compositions, songs on poems by Bryusov, V. Tushnova and their own poems and texts.

It does not remain without attention and the Military-patriotic theme. Songs of the Great Victory, works on military history of our country, a love song to the Fatherland and veterans. The repertoire includes the most popular songs of war and homeland, such as "Katyusha", "Ogonyok", "Ah, the road", "In the dugout," "The Dark Night", "Darkie", "City on the Neva freestyle", "Favourite city "and others.

In addition to the songs in Russian Olga and performs music in foreign languages - English, French, Italian, Spanish, German. These include Neapolitan songs, French chansons, German lied and various songs for easy soprano in foreign languages.

Repertoire Olga Moskvina has definitely and classical vocal base consisting of arias, arias from operettas, Baroque music.

A few examples of the various thematic concert programs. 

"How many good lyrics…"

Songs of the Soviet cinema, retro hits, original pop songs. Hot rhythms, lyrical melodies, popular favorite song "Old Maple", "At that the highway ...", "Moscow Windows", "There is only a moment," and others. The show is filled with vocal and dance numbers with the participation of dance groups, soloists and variety of acrobatic direction.

"Russian music - as the voice of the soul."

The concert program includes works by Russian and Soviet composers, copyright parlor ballads, as well as piano pieces from the cycle "The Seasons" by Tchaikovsky. The concert program fills elegiac mood expressed through beautiful drawings of nature and light fragments of love poetry. The public expects to dive into the world of harmonious pleasant music, giving a good mood and peacefulness. The ease and elegance of the voices of Olga Moskvina give the program a special charm and aesthetic pleasure.

"In a certain kingdom, in a state ..."

The program "In a certain kingdom, in a country ..." is an interesting journey through the operas and romances in the fairy tales, told us Russian composers. Listeners expect a dive into the world of Russian musical fairy tale that will be interesting to both adults and children. Beautiful voice of Olga Moskvina revive images of the Snow Maiden and the Princess Swans. You'll learn about Gerda sang Kai and how Volkhova lulled Sadko, what saw Dunia in the mansion and Jack Morozko as the Sea Princess lured travelers. Instrumental pieces remind us the story of "The Golden Cockerel". Telling tales help the piano, the violin and the word.