"Fantasy on the theme of retro"

"How many good lyrics ..."

Songs of the Soviet cinema, retro hits, original pop songs. Hot rhythms, lyrical melodies, popular favorite song "Old Maple", "At that the highway ...", "Moscow Windows", "There is only a moment," and others. The show is filled with vocal and dance numbers with the participation of dance groups, soloists and variety of acrobatic direction.

"In a certain kingdom , in a state..."

Musical fantasy on the theme of fairy tales , operas by Rimsky - Korsakov , M. Kraseva , S. Banevich. Vokal- Olga Moskvina , Piano - Anna Shvets , Violin - Olga Shepeleva , the Word - Elena Mikhailova

Solo performance " Hello, my dear!"

Literary story became the basis of the performance of Olga Moskvina "Hello , my dear! 
This is performance small form consisting of a dramatic scenes and musical numbers .
The plot includes a story about a woman's life .
About love and separation , and loss of hope , of despair and happiness .
Music is an outline of the most beautiful songs Prozorovskiy B. , J. Schwartz , V. Sorokin , O. Moskvina .
Director - Ph.D., Professor - Vsevolod Bogatyrev .

Presented in one compartment on a story by O. Moskvina


"Russian music - as the voice of the soul"

Concerts at the Cultural Center of Elena Obraztsova, Priory Palace in Gatchina town