Essay on the vocal cycle "Veronica"

The vocal cycle "VERONICA" for soprano, mezzo and chamber-instrumental ensemble, completed by the author in 2011, continues the line of chamber-vocal compositions written by Olga Moskvina.

The exquisite lyrics of the poetess V. Tushnova, which constitutes the poetic basis of the cycle, give rise to a special, anxious and tender coloring of the entire work, defining its warm, confidential, intimate atmosphere. The ten parts of the work are not connected with either the plot or the clearly plotted plot; everything combines a common elegiac mood.

Monologues alternate with duets, and vocal numbers with instrumental interludes. “VERONIKA”, in fact, is a kind of vocal theater for two singing actors, whose instrumental ensemble, transparent, lyrical, originally Russian in composition - a violin, a cello, and a piano - will finish the thoughts and feelings.

The trio complements the silver, ringing timbre of the triangle. The convenience of vocal parts, expressive, but without a touch of virtuosity, the accompaniment will put “VERONICU” in a number of chamber compositions, suitable both for pop and amateur music-making.

Candidate of Art O. Gladkova.