Olga Moskvina

singer , composer, conductor

Olga Moskvina cannot be counted among the members of any one musician's profession. Singer, winner of the beautiful and sonorous soprano,
she gives concerts as a soloist and in vocal ensemble, trying their hand at conducting and is very active in the formulation.
Olga has a bright artistic charm, creative and spiritual youth, beauty and scenic tact. Despite the experience and the practice of big concert, it is distinguished by the freshness and spontaneity in performance.
It is always interesting to listen to, and interpretations of sound for each time - new, her voice enchants, giving the public new emotions, feelings and sincere smile always open full of confidence and love for the audience...


Concert activity

The dominant feature of the concert activity are solo concerts of original music. The author's evenings consist of romances, songs, poems, as well as prose miniatures written by Olga Moskvina. The format of such concerts involves a kind of creative dialogue with the listener. The elements of a mono-performance are inherent in them, so that the programs take the form of a creative conversation, expressed through music, word and theatricality.

As part of the concert programs are musical evenings of Russian urban and ancient romance, popular classical music and retro songs in traditional and original processing. The programs consist of classical works of Russian and foreign composers, music by contemporary authors and works by Olga Moskvina, written in the genre of Russian salon romance and compositions for chamber vocal-instrumental ensembles.

In cooperation matters, the organization of concerts, please call: +7-911-210-12-34 e-mail: olga_soprano@mail.ru